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Memory Lane via Blurry Video: Religious Street Parade in Taiwan

We went exploring in our neighborhood in Taipei one weekend and came across a neat little temple (there are temples aplenty in Taiwan).  The people hanging out at the temple wanted us to… Continue reading

Memory Lane via Blurry Video: Khaosan Road

2009, Khaosan Road (or somewhere near) in Bangkok. Kathryn and Marc’s visit. Although I think I can take a few good pictures, I am a terrible videographer, so have never published the dozens… Continue reading

Doo doo doo…

Al and I are always catching ourselves singing this song. It’s on about every five seconds and, so far, it’s the only Thai song we can sing along with!

Traditional Music

I loved the traditional music that was played in the vans sometimes on the way from camp to site. Listening to this music and watching Mongolia’s incredible landscape go by gave me that… Continue reading

One more….

Another Mongolian song I really like. This video has some cool ger scenes too. (Ger= Mongolian house, rhymes with “bear”).

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