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Random Picture of the Week #13

He lives in our backyard.

Random Picture of the Week #11

Down the road from our house.

Village Homestay Weekend

A few weeks ago, Al and I participated in a village homestay weekend tour. We got to go for free on a trial run for the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Our boss hooked… Continue reading

Remembrance Ceremony

Our friends were kind enough to invite us to a remembrance ceremony in honor of relatives who had passed away. They thought we probably hadn’t seen one before and would be interested. It… Continue reading

2009, Adventure #1!

We took off on a road trip this weekend to Si Satchanalai Historic Park, a 13th century ruined city of the Sukhothai Period, famous for its pottery kilns. This is a fantastic spot… Continue reading

Random Picture of the Week #10

Railroad crossing, near Sila-at Station.

Random Picture of the Week #9

Phraya Phichai Dap Hak Monument, Uttaradit City Hall, Uttaradit, Thailand. (the weird light effect is because of all the incense in the air, this was during a festival)

Random Picture of the Week #7

Snake charmer at the local night market, Uttaradit (cobras!)

Random Picture of the Week #5

Pork satay (satay moo) with peanut sauce and ginger broth with chicken and noodles (bumee naam gai). One of our favorite meals in town. Satay Restaurant Location: I find it hard to describe… Continue reading


OK, minor adventures. We decided to go for a drive down a road that leads out of town to see what we could see. We took Thanon Samranreun (click here for maps) north… Continue reading

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