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A Little Patch of Blue

I set out to a work site near Citronelle, Alabama on a chilly but sunny morning. Perfect digging weather. The landowner left the gate open for me, so no shimmying under barbed wire… Continue reading

Gulf Coast Business Trip in Numbers

1 rainbow No rain 2 dead armadillos 2 jumping dolphins 4  ‘catch of the day’ meals 1 pumpkin spice ale 3 state line crossings I always enjoy myself!

Life Lessons I Learned from Traveling

I know life still has a lot to teach me, traveling or stationary, but here’s what I learned during my travels over the years thus far. Just take the next step. We can… Continue reading

I’m back!

Back from the land of sheep and pretty scenery. Will tell all soon in a few short installments.

2009, Adventure #1!

We took off on a road trip this weekend to Si Satchanalai Historic Park, a 13th century ruined city of the Sukhothai Period, famous for its pottery kilns. This is a fantastic spot… Continue reading


OK, minor adventures. We decided to go for a drive down a road that leads out of town to see what we could see. We took Thanon Samranreun (click here for maps) north… Continue reading

Almost there…

I’m in the Incheon Airport in Seoul right now waiting for my connecting flight to Ulaan Baatar. The newly opened Concourse A is pretty nifty with the best perk yet— free high speed… Continue reading

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