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Memory Lane via Blurry Video: Religious Street Parade in Taiwan

We went exploring in our neighborhood in Taipei one weekend and came across a neat little temple (there are temples aplenty in Taiwan).  The people hanging out at the temple wanted us to… Continue reading

Memory Lane via Blurry Video: Khaosan Road

2009, Khaosan Road (or somewhere near) in Bangkok. Kathryn and Marc’s visit. Although I think I can take a few good pictures, I am a terrible videographer, so have never published the dozens… Continue reading

2009, Adventure #1!

We took off on a road trip this weekend to Si Satchanalai Historic Park, a 13th century ruined city of the Sukhothai Period, famous for its pottery kilns. This is a fantastic spot… Continue reading

Random Picture of the Week #8

Wat Kumaran, Koh Samui, Thailand. There is a mummified monk in the glass case.

Random Picture of the Week #6

We pass this on the way to and from Chiang Mai. I don’t know what it is, it just looks cool.

Carnage and random thoughts from the day.

I killed a lot of ants today. I normally try to just scare them away but it takes a long time and usually there aren’t so many. Our house is very open so… Continue reading

Random Picture of the Week #5

Pork satay (satay moo) with peanut sauce and ginger broth with chicken and noodles (bumee naam gai). One of our favorite meals in town. Satay Restaurant Location: I find it hard to describe… Continue reading

Blogging as News…

I know this isn’t a new topic to those who frequent the blogosphere, but it really is incredible how social networking, including blogs, texts, and applications like twitter, have influenced the way news… Continue reading

Random Picture of the Week #3

Samlor in Uttaradit.

Random Picture of the Week, #2

A gift shop, specializing in stuffed animals, in Uttaradit.

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