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IMG_0803, originally uploaded by MacKensie!. Inside Wihara Watphratansila Asana. You can buy little bits of gold leaf and apply them to the statues. Laplae, Uttaradit Province, Thailand Advertisements

My first big outing…

As towns here are rather small, shooting over to another one is pretty easy. We stopped by for a short visit to this wat (temple) that happened to be having a performance. (photos… Continue reading


IMG_0799, originally uploaded by MacKensie!. A close up of the show. Thai performers with a traditional orchestra behind them. Wihara Watphratansila Asana, Laplae, Uttaradit, Thailand.


IMG_0807, originally uploaded by MacKensie!. Traditional theater at a Buddhist temple called Wihara Watphratansila-asana in Laplae.

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