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Swedish in Three Months (?)

Well, my ‘learn Swedish’ summer personal challenge is at an end. I must admit I had a massive slowdown in August but overall am happy with my little experiment. This was the first… Continue reading

Swedish Whaaa…?

I’ve come across a few things while browsing the web for Swed-spiration that made me go Whaa…? Here’s one: I keep thinking of other random things I can store in it. It loops… Continue reading

Suddenly Sweden.

MacKensie, you spent most of your adult life going nuts about Asia- what’s with this Swedish stuff? Well, I have tons of interests, but when you go to school, and make decisions about… Continue reading

Join me in a summer personal challenge!

Benny, the Irish Polyglot, (polyglot= speaker of multiple languages) has posed a 3 month summer language challenge.Take on a new language, set a BIG goal and get to it. The challenge? I’ve been… Continue reading

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