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Silk Road Journal

A new issue of the Silk Road journal, issued by the Silk Road Foundation is available on their website now. Enjoy!

Mongols and Iranian Art

Image via Wikipedia If you’re in New York, there will be a talk at Columbia University on Mongol influence in 14th century Iranian Art. This is another Silk Road Foundation lecture. “Silk Road… Continue reading

GIS Xinjiang

An old article I came across… clipped from http://www.spacemart.com Satellites Draw Up Maps Of Ancient City In Xinjiang Milan is located in the southern part of Lop Nur in Xinjiang, more than 900… Continue reading

My oh my….

Image by mikeemesser via FlickrI’ve been gone awhile, travels followed by the beginning of a new semester (I teach ESL at a uni in Northern Thailand— read my other blog here). The Silkroad… Continue reading

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