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5 Second Rule (not the food one)

I spent two years working on the BP Oil Spill cleanup.  It was a beyond-educational experience and will always be one of those ‘bookmarked’ chapters of my life. One of the interesting things… Continue reading

Mastering My To-do List

Quote of the day: Scream at the thundering gods, daring them to strike you. Leo Babauta, from his post Be Inspired on his magnificent blog, Zen Habits. His article had a lot of… Continue reading

Personal finance software for budgeting your spending. | The Birdy

Personal finance software for budgeting your spending. | The Birdy. Free, easy, daily.  I am not good at daily habits, and when it comes to keeping track of your expenses… you kind of… Continue reading


  HassleMe. Fantastic productivity tool.   I use it for things I have to do regularly but tend to slough off.  Enough reminders from ‘HassleMe’ and I actually do it! As a bonus, you… Continue reading

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