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Louisiana- full of bugs

  This guy hung out on a bush in my back yard for a few days. Apparently they pierce other bugs with their long, tube-like mouths, inject them with their toxic flesh-liquifying saliva,… Continue reading

On the Road: Jackson, Mississippi

Photos: Springfield, LA

Eunice, LA

My schedule’s a little tight. I make a sad face as I whiz past weird road stops, little local museums and antique shops. Sometimes I pretend I have those cool Google glasses and… Continue reading

On the Road: Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City’s airport is the Will Rogers Airport. A few quotes from Will Rogers: It isn’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble, it’s what we know that ain’t so. Good judgement… Continue reading

Photo Book: Big Trip 2012, New Zealand and Fiji

We had an awesome time visiting family and friends in Los Angeles, New Zealand, and Fiji. I just ordered a photo book for ourselves and found I can embed it on this blog-cool!… Continue reading

Photo Essay: Memorial

Seen by the Mississippi River, October 14, 2012.

Photo: Lunar Lander

Photo: White Linen Night

White Linen Night 2012, New Orleans. My photo.

Gulf Coast Business Trip in Numbers

1 rainbow No rain 2 dead armadillos 2 jumping dolphins 4  ‘catch of the day’ meals 1 pumpkin spice ale 3 state line crossings I always enjoy myself!

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