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Desert Disco

I did not expect to do a lot of singing and dancing while in Mongolia– but it turned out to be one of my favorite parts! We had two parties at the tourist… Continue reading

Mongolia — The Basics

On site, three meals a day were provided for us by the lovely Jagaa and Zola, the only two Mongolian women present on this project. (There are female Mongolian archaeologists on other projects)… Continue reading

the adventures don’t stop…

I have to interrupt the Mongolian stories to give a Thailand update— — horrible creatures invade Uttaradit! Well, not really, but I have had a lot of encounters with the local fauna this… Continue reading

Mongolia– weather

Well we were in the Gobi so you can guess it…. hot and dry! I found it to be pretty reasonable. In Thailand the heat and humidity is unbearable and even the smallest… Continue reading

Mongolia– the work!

OK, this was a pretty exciting project! If you want a lot of details go to the official website here. Our volunteer team excavated two burials; first a Xiongnu grave, then a slab… Continue reading

BGC location in Mongolia

This is where I spent 3 weeks volunteering on an archaeological dig. clipped from http://www.csen.org  

Mongolia— characters and setting

I have a lot of stories about Mongolia and my short trips afterward to Beijing and Ko Samui, so I will have to break it up into several posts after the next few… Continue reading

There and Back Again…

I only have time for a short post– Mongolia was spectacular, of course. I’m heading to Kho Samui for a few days with a friend and when I’m back I’ll finally have time… Continue reading

Picture 056

Picture 056, originally uploaded by MacKensie!.

Picture 100

Picture 100, originally uploaded by MacKensie!. Chenrezig (Avolokiteshira) Buddha of Compassion, Ganden Monastery, Ulan Bator, Mongolia

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