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Krewe de Vieux this Weekend!

The Mardi Gras spirit. A day (days) to just be in the moment, outside of your usual surroundings, roles, and routines. It’s what you wish it to be. There’s debauchery if you want… Continue reading

St. Patrick’s in NOLA

They actually threw cabbages and other food items at this parade, what a laugh! I even caught a bar of ‘Irish Spring’ soap. A beautiful day for it.

Photo: White Linen Night

White Linen Night 2012, New Orleans. My photo.

Photo Project: Bourbon Street, Week 3

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Photo Project: Bourbon Street, Week 2

My photo, taken August 9, 2012.

Photo Project: Bourbon Street, August 2012

I live a block off of Bourbon Street.  I usually choose to stroll down Royal to get somewhere and for drinks- you’re more likely to find us on Frenchmen. However, Bourbon has its… Continue reading

Photo of the Week

Jackson Square on a Sunday morning, 2012.    

“My” True Blood Episode: In the Beginning, Season 5, Episode 7

        Ep. 55 – Inside the Episode     Well, I haven’t found myself in any of the shots 😦 Oh well, it was sooo much fun!  

Photo of the Week

Running of the Bulls, New Orleans, 2012

Photo of the Week

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