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On the Road: Montgomery, Alabama

Yep. It’s real. You can get it at the Railyard Brewing Company in downtown Montgomery and wash it down with a local beer. Sit at the bar and share it with strangers.

How a Blog Helped Me Learn to Cook- and Lose Weight!

I’ve never been much of a cook- I had a few dishes up my sleeve, but most recipes made me cringe and I’ve produced enough duds to lose most of my enthusiasm for… Continue reading

Remembrance Ceremony

Our friends were kind enough to invite us to a remembrance ceremony in honor of relatives who had passed away. They thought we probably hadn’t seen one before and would be interested. It… Continue reading

Random Picture of the Week #5

Pork satay (satay moo) with peanut sauce and ginger broth with chicken and noodles (bumee naam gai). One of our favorite meals in town. Satay Restaurant Location: I find it hard to describe… Continue reading

Mongolia — The Basics

On site, three meals a day were provided for us by the lovely Jagaa and Zola, the only two Mongolian women present on this project. (There are female Mongolian archaeologists on other projects)… Continue reading

Picture 038

Picture 038, originally uploaded by MacKensie!. Fermented mares milk– airag– mmm mmm good!

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