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Random Picture of the Week # 12

Somewhere in Chiang Mai.

Dukes up 2009, I can take you!

The holidays went by in kind of a blur as we were working for the most part— but we still managed to squeeze in some fun! We got more presents and cards in… Continue reading

Chiang Mai, again

Well, we had a short break, during which I had to go to Chiang Mai for visa stuff. So far, I’ve found the documentation process to work here to be rather annoying, and… Continue reading


IMG_0102, originally uploaded by MacKensie!. At the orchid farm.

Karen Longneck tribe.

IMG_0138, originally uploaded by MacKensie!. This woman spoke English better than most of my students.


IMG_0141, originally uploaded by MacKensie!. Through the rice fields to the “village”. It wasn’t a real village, more of a living museum with representative people from different tribes, selling their wares and giving… Continue reading

Chiang Mai Hilltrek

IMG_0166, originally uploaded by MacKensie!. Yay, elephants!

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