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Danzan Ravjaa find…

I wish I could have watched it live. An Austrian team of archaeologists led by Michael Eisenreigler uncovered a cache of Buddhist relics that had been hidden since Mongolia’s turn to communism in… Continue reading

Mongolian Buddhism Conference

Image via Wikipedia Via the ACMS blog, there will be a Buddhism in Mongolia conference at Smith College in Northampton, MA from March 27-29. There’s a fantastic lineup of speakers. I’m green with… Continue reading

Qingzhou Buddhas

A Bodhisattva produced in Henan during the Northern Qi Dynasty. Image via Wikipedia Dhamma Musings had an interesting post about an exhibition at the Peranakan Museum in Singapore titled Serenity in Stone (check… Continue reading

Remembrance Ceremony

Our friends were kind enough to invite us to a remembrance ceremony in honor of relatives who had passed away. They thought we probably hadn’t seen one before and would be interested. It… Continue reading

Singapore Research Grant

Image via WikipediaThe Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore is offering two research grants in Buddhist Art History, Iconography, and the Ramayana. Details here. Looks like a sweet gig. I spent a semester at… Continue reading

My oh my….

Image by mikeemesser via FlickrI’ve been gone awhile, travels followed by the beginning of a new semester (I teach ESL at a uni in Northern Thailand— read my other blog here). The Silkroad… Continue reading

Picture 056

Picture 056, originally uploaded by MacKensie!.

Picture 100

Picture 100, originally uploaded by MacKensie!. Chenrezig (Avolokiteshira) Buddha of Compassion, Ganden Monastery, Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Picture 105

Picture 105, originally uploaded by MacKensie!. Monk at Ganden Monastery, Ulan Bator, Mongolia


IMG_0606, originally uploaded by MacKensie!. Wat Si Chum, Sukhothai Historical Park

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