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There and Back Again… the Spain Edition.

As a recipient of Rivet and Sway and GoMighty‘s Find Your Joy summer inspiration grant, I used the money to help fund a trip to Spain to volunteer on an archaeological dig. I’m… Continue reading

Voy a España!

Wow, it’s happening!  I found a project that fit my budget and time restraints- in Spain! I will be working on the Trowel School project in Torre la Sal, north of Valencia on… Continue reading

How to go about finding an archaeology project to work on….

So, as I’ve mentioned before, there are many archaeological projects in the US and around the world that accepts volunteers who do not have any previous experience.  It’s a fantastic way to develop… Continue reading

Oh, hey- I think I’m going to Europe soon!

There’s something about putting your goals and dreams out there- speaking them out, writing them down, visualizing the details… that adds a little magic to them. You begin to see ways that you… Continue reading

Sharing Knowledge

Besides the fact that this post is about archaeology, I love the quote Sarah chose; “Sharing knowledge is the greatest of all callings. There’s nothing like it in the land.” –Satire on the… Continue reading

2009, Adventure #1!

We took off on a road trip this weekend to Si Satchanalai Historic Park, a 13th century ruined city of the Sukhothai Period, famous for its pottery kilns. This is a fantastic spot… Continue reading

GIS Xinjiang

An old article I came across… clipped from http://www.spacemart.com Satellites Draw Up Maps Of Ancient City In Xinjiang Milan is located in the southern part of Lop Nur in Xinjiang, more than 900… Continue reading

Minyaev’s Xiongnu Website

One of the archaeologists that has participated on the BGC survey in the past was Dr. Sergey Minyaev, a Russian archaeologist from the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg. He has a… Continue reading


Of course, it only makes sense to start with the organization that first brought me to Mongolia. I participated in the 2008 Baga Gazaryn Chuluu survey in the Middle Gobi sponsored in part… Continue reading

Mongolia– the work!

OK, this was a pretty exciting project! If you want a lot of details go to the official website here. Our volunteer team excavated two burials; first a Xiongnu grave, then a slab… Continue reading

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