Lifelong Learner

Have you noticed all the exciting new ways you can improve yourself and learn online? Not just languages, which I talk a lot about on this blog, but everything. So much is popping… Continue reading

Swedish Whaaa…?

I’ve come across a few things while browsing the web for Swed-spiration that made me go Whaa…? Here’s one: I keep thinking of other random things I can store in it. It loops… Continue reading

Photo of the Week

Suddenly Sweden.

MacKensie, you spent most of your adult life going nuts about Asia- what’s with this Swedish stuff? Well, I have tons of interests, but when you go to school, and make decisions about… Continue reading

Join me in a summer personal challenge!

Benny, the Irish Polyglot, (polyglot= speaker of multiple languages) has posed a 3 month summer language challenge.Take on a new language, set a BIG goal and get to it. The challenge? I’ve been… Continue reading

Sharing Knowledge

Besides the fact that this post is about archaeology, I love the quote Sarah chose; “Sharing knowledge is the greatest of all callings. There’s nothing like it in the land.” –Satire on the… Continue reading

Photo of the Week

Related articles 36 Hours: New Orleans ( New Orleans French Quarter Fest kicks off Thursday ( 29th annual French Quarter fest comes April 12-15 – CBS News ( Review: Royal Street by Suzanne… Continue reading

Photo of the Week

This Saturday we look forward to attending the Music Box Shantytown Sound Laboratory by Dithyrambilina. When we went to buy tickets we had the pleasure of playing on the sets and looking at… Continue reading

Life Lessons I Learned from Traveling

I know life still has a lot to teach me, traveling or stationary, but here’s what I learned during my travels over the years thus far. Just take the next step. We can… Continue reading

Foreign Language Study Smorgasbord: May 2012

This website doesn’t teach you Chinese, it teaches you how to learn Chinese.  The articles here will help you with whatever language(s) you choose to study.  Articles range from reviews of learning tools… Continue reading

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