I’m OK!

A bunch of people have inquired about my health. Thanks! I’m no better, no worse. I already have a neurologist here and he’s great. He’s actually the head of the neurology department at… Continue reading

Hooray Internet!

Hey guys my internet is set up now, yay! Now we can talk for free if you download skype . My skype name is mackensie.cornelius. Do it!!! P.S. I don’t expect any of… Continue reading


I just finished my Monday classes. I already have to start preparing end of the month exams, have I been here that long? I’m getting more on top of things as far as… Continue reading


Just assume that everytime I update the blog I will also upload pics onto my flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/triptych64/ account.


Great weekend! I’ll try to give the whole rundown…. I learned the batchatta and merengue last night and danced at Itaewon until the clubs closed, fun but my feet are killing me! There… Continue reading


OK, I’m finally beginning to get on a regular sleep schedule, yay! The new apartment is great, not much by Western standards but comfortable with more space than I expected. It beats the… Continue reading

I start tomorrow!

I just wrote this whole blog and then erased it because all of the popup directions are in Korean and I’m trying to do things by memory, crap! Ummm… I start work tomorrow.… Continue reading


So far, so good! The flights were uneventful and Singapore Airlines really is much better than the others. They even had learn Korean language games on the console, so I learned my numbers,… Continue reading


Five more days left in the States. I’m sad, but excited too! I’m glad I got to see so much of my friends and family before I left. I leave Sunday, the 27th… Continue reading

Got a job!

I have been hired by ILS (International Language School) in Seoul. I’ll be teaching 8-12 year olds in the late afternoon and evenings. It is an after-school English program. The classes will be… Continue reading

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