Karen Thompson Walker: What fear can teach us | Video on TED.com

I’ve slowly been learning how to face my fears– first, by simply naming them. There’s a lot of power in articulating what you fear. Karen Thompson Walker: What fear can teach us |… Continue reading

Photo Book: Big Trip 2012, New Zealand and Fiji

We had an awesome time visiting family and friends in Los Angeles, New Zealand, and Fiji. I just ordered a photo book for ourselves and found I can embed it on this blog-cool!… Continue reading

Photo Essay: Memorial

Seen by the Mississippi River, October 14, 2012.

Who, What, Why: Why do we know places?

Check out this BBC Article, BBC News – Who, What, Why: Why do we know Timbuktu?   This is an area of study I’ve always found interesting. In regards to geography, history, and culture-… Continue reading

Photo: Lunar Lander

No Zucchinis

If you see me holding a zucchini, just smack it out of my hand.   -said to me at the grocery store yesterday.

Photo: White Linen Night

White Linen Night 2012, New Orleans. My photo.

Gulf Coast Business Trip in Numbers

1 rainbow No rain 2 dead armadillos 2 jumping dolphins 4  ‘catch of the day’ meals 1 pumpkin spice ale 3 state line crossings I always enjoy myself!

Swedish in Three Months (?)

Well, my ‘learn Swedish’ summer personal challenge is at an end. I must admit I had a massive slowdown in August but overall am happy with my little experiment. This was the first… Continue reading

Photo Project: Bourbon Street, Week 3

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