On the Road: Jackson, Mississippi

Bottles up!

Alright! After two weeks of brewing in a cupboard the carboy (word-of-the-day) of beer was ready to be taken out and the beer to be transferred to bottles.  Mastering the siphoning process was… Continue reading

Photos: Springfield, LA

A Beer to Call My Own…

It seems more and more people these days are making their own home brews and we were toying with the idea of trying it ourselves. But, where do you even get the ingredients?… Continue reading

Eunice, LA

My schedule’s a little tight. I make a sad face as I whiz past weird road stops, little local museums and antique shops. Sometimes I pretend I have those cool Google glasses and… Continue reading

On the Road: Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City’s airport is the Will Rogers Airport. A few quotes from Will Rogers: It isn’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble, it’s what we know that ain’t so. Good judgement… Continue reading

On the Road: Vacherie

One can find the old Desire Plantation in Vacherie. It is one of the last structures associated with the historic perique tobacco business in Louisiana. Perique tobacco is cured and fermented in a… Continue reading

St. Patrick’s in NOLA

They actually threw cabbages and other food items at this parade, what a laugh! I even caught a bar of ‘Irish Spring’ soap. A beautiful day for it.

Merci Train

Did you know that France gave a boxcar full of gifts, donated by the French people, to each state after the war? (Well, not Alaska, I don’t know why)  This is Mississippi’s. You… Continue reading

5 Second Rule (not the food one)

I spent two years working on the BP Oil Spill cleanup.  It was a beyond-educational experience and will always be one of those ‘bookmarked’ chapters of my life. One of the interesting things… Continue reading

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