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When in the NOLA Airport at 6 am.

You might hear someone singing, and that person might be Richard Simmons. Girl on Fire, followed by Diamonds.

Merci Train

Did you know that France gave a boxcar full of gifts, donated by the French people, to each state after the war? (Well, not Alaska, I don’t know why)  This is Mississippi’s. You… Continue reading

No Zucchinis

If you see me holding a zucchini, just smack it out of my hand.   -said to me at the grocery store yesterday.

Swedish in Three Months (?)

Well, my ‘learn Swedish’ summer personal challenge is at an end. I must admit I had a massive slowdown in August but overall am happy with my little experiment. This was the first… Continue reading

Join me in a summer personal challenge!

Benny, the Irish Polyglot, (polyglot= speaker of multiple languages) has posed a 3 month summer language challenge.Take on a new language, set a BIG goal and get to it. The challenge? I’ve been… Continue reading

Sharing Knowledge

Besides the fact that this post is about archaeology, I love the quote Sarah chose; “Sharing knowledge is the greatest of all callings. There’s nothing like it in the land.” –Satire on the… Continue reading

Foreign Language Study Smorgasbord: May 2012

This website doesn’t teach you Chinese, it teaches you how to learn Chinese.  The articles here will help you with whatever language(s) you choose to study.  Articles range from reviews of learning tools… Continue reading

Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week

The Wharf, Orange Beach, AL

You never know where life will take you. Lately, I’ve been working three weeks a month in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores Alabama. You know what, this is a place worth spending a… Continue reading

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