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On the Road: Vacherie

One can find the old Desire Plantation in Vacherie. It is one of the last structures associated with the historic perique tobacco business in Louisiana. Perique tobacco is cured and fermented in a… Continue reading

Karen Thompson Walker: What fear can teach us | Video on

I’ve slowly been learning how to face my fears– first, by simply naming them. There’s a lot of power in articulating what you fear. Karen Thompson Walker: What fear can teach us |… Continue reading

“My” True Blood Episode: In the Beginning, Season 5, Episode 7

        Ep. 55 – Inside the Episode     Well, I haven’t found myself in any of the shots 😦 Oh well, it was sooo much fun!  

Tibetan Armor, here you go….

The number one search term that brings visitors to my blog is “Tibetan Armor”. I just did one little post on the topic a few years ago, so here are a few links… Continue reading

Join me in a summer personal challenge!

Benny, the Irish Polyglot, (polyglot= speaker of multiple languages) has posed a 3 month summer language challenge.Take on a new language, set a BIG goal and get to it. The challenge? I’ve been… Continue reading

Sharing Knowledge

Besides the fact that this post is about archaeology, I love the quote Sarah chose; “Sharing knowledge is the greatest of all callings. There’s nothing like it in the land.” –Satire on the… Continue reading

Audio Journeys | British Council Literature

Audio Journeys | British Council Literature. via Audio Journeys | British Council Literature. Sit back with a cup of tea and listen to these people take you on a short journey in their… Continue reading

Personal finance software for budgeting your spending. | The Birdy

Personal finance software for budgeting your spending. | The Birdy. Free, easy, daily.  I am not good at daily habits, and when it comes to keeping track of your expenses… you kind of… Continue reading


  HassleMe. Fantastic productivity tool.   I use it for things I have to do regularly but tend to slough off.  Enough reminders from ‘HassleMe’ and I actually do it! As a bonus, you… Continue reading

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