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Who, What, Why: Why do we know places?

Check out this BBC Article, BBC News – Who, What, Why: Why do we know Timbuktu?   This is an area of study I’ve always found interesting. In regards to geography, history, and culture-… Continue reading

Because of Bears…

You know you want to spend your weekend studying Slovak! Here’s where you can dig in:  Slovak Snack. I recommend starting with episode 10 of the podcast so you can learn how to… Continue reading

Floating Above Yourself

Read about near death experiences on Salon . Interesting.

Ode to Alabama

I recently finished an 8 month stint working in Gulf Shores Alabama. I never had much experience in the South until recently, and must admit- I had never really thought about checking out… Continue reading

Do: Writer’s Residency

First, publish a novel (I know you’ve been working on one, get it out there already). Next, apply for this writing residency and go live in Belgium for a few weeks, working on… Continue reading

Good Read: Museum 2.0

Museum 2.0 is a great blog by museum director and self-made expert on participatory experience in museums, Nina Simon. Read a few posts to give yourself a new perspective on how we can… Continue reading

Review: Tarim Mummies Webinar

Dr. Van Tuerenhout’s talk should be considered a success.

Tarim Mummies Web Seminar!

Tuesday August 24th, 7pm Texas time, the Houston Museum of Natural Science will host a live web seminar about their newest exhibit “Secrets of the Silk Road.” Two of the Tarim Basin mummies… Continue reading

Afghanistan, 1800’s

BBC has a cool audio slideshow up of pictures taken in Afghanistan in the late 1800’s. This is based on an exhibition by the Royal Geographic Society which will be on until February… Continue reading

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