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Krewe de Vieux this Weekend!

The Mardi Gras spirit. A day (days) to just be in the moment, outside of your usual surroundings, roles, and routines. It’s what you wish it to be. There’s debauchery if you want… Continue reading

I’m not weird…

…I’m a Northeasterner! My family moved a lot growing up and I continued the vagabond lifestyle into adulthood.  When people ask me where I’m from I’ll often just answer with the last place… Continue reading

5 Second Rule (not the food one)

I spent two years working on the BP Oil Spill cleanup.  It was a beyond-educational experience and will always be one of those ‘bookmarked’ chapters of my life. One of the interesting things… Continue reading

Karen Thompson Walker: What fear can teach us | Video on

I’ve slowly been learning how to face my fears– first, by simply naming them. There’s a lot of power in articulating what you fear. Karen Thompson Walker: What fear can teach us |… Continue reading

Who, What, Why: Why do we know places?

Check out this BBC Article, BBC News – Who, What, Why: Why do we know Timbuktu?   This is an area of study I’ve always found interesting. In regards to geography, history, and culture-… Continue reading

Swedish in Three Months (?)

Well, my ‘learn Swedish’ summer personal challenge is at an end. I must admit I had a massive slowdown in August but overall am happy with my little experiment. This was the first… Continue reading

Mastering My To-do List

Quote of the day: Scream at the thundering gods, daring them to strike you. Leo Babauta, from his post Be Inspired on his magnificent blog, Zen Habits. His article had a lot of… Continue reading

How a Blog Helped Me Learn to Cook- and Lose Weight!

I’ve never been much of a cook- I had a few dishes up my sleeve, but most recipes made me cringe and I’ve produced enough duds to lose most of my enthusiasm for… Continue reading

“My” True Blood Episode: In the Beginning, Season 5, Episode 7

        Ep. 55 – Inside the Episode     Well, I haven’t found myself in any of the shots 😦 Oh well, it was sooo much fun!  

Baby Steps

Well, the summer language challenge continues. Are you doing one too? I’ve finished the “Beginner 1” course on Babbel and am now on Lesson 3 of “Beginner 2” which it says will bring… Continue reading

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