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Voy a España!

Wow, it’s happening!  I found a project that fit my budget and time restraints- in Spain! I will be working on the Trowel School project in Torre la Sal, north of Valencia on… Continue reading

How to go about finding an archaeology project to work on….

So, as I’ve mentioned before, there are many archaeological projects in the US and around the world that accepts volunteers who do not have any previous experience.  It’s a fantastic way to develop… Continue reading

On the Road: Montgomery, Alabama

Yep. It’s real. You can get it at the Railyard Brewing Company in downtown Montgomery and wash it down with a local beer. Sit at the bar and share it with strangers.

Oh, hey- I think I’m going to Europe soon!

There’s something about putting your goals and dreams out there- speaking them out, writing them down, visualizing the details… that adds a little magic to them. You begin to see ways that you… Continue reading

Bottles up!

Alright! After two weeks of brewing in a cupboard the carboy (word-of-the-day) of beer was ready to be taken out and the beer to be transferred to bottles.  Mastering the siphoning process was… Continue reading

A Beer to Call My Own…

It seems more and more people these days are making their own home brews and we were toying with the idea of trying it ourselves. But, where do you even get the ingredients?… Continue reading

Swedish in Three Months (?)

Well, my ‘learn Swedish’ summer personal challenge is at an end. I must admit I had a massive slowdown in August but overall am happy with my little experiment. This was the first… Continue reading

Lifelong Learner

Have you noticed all the exciting new ways you can improve yourself and learn online? Not just languages, which I talk a lot about on this blog, but everything. So much is popping… Continue reading

Join me in a summer personal challenge!

Benny, the Irish Polyglot, (polyglot= speaker of multiple languages) has posed a 3 month summer language challenge.Take on a new language, set a BIG goal and get to it. The challenge? I’ve been… Continue reading


Oooohhh, you can build one! We have great big windows we can fill with these fun hydroponic farms. ! Windowfarms™. via Windowfarms™. Related articles Adventures in Windowfarming. ~Heather Topcik ( Windowfarm Harvest (

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