Voy a España!

Lefor Openo Iberian Airlines Luggage Sticker Wow, it’s happening!  I found a project that fit my budget and time restraints- in Spain!

I will be working on the Trowel School project in Torre la Sal, north of Valencia on the Mediterranean.  The site is a 2,000 year old Iberian necropolis (burial site).  If that’s not cool- I don’t know what is.  Can’t wait to participate in this exciting project and meet the other members of the crew.  The project includes room and board and will provide lectures in English in the evenings on history and methods.  The lovely guys who run the project have already been extremely helpful and friendly.

I have never been to continental Europe before, so that aspect is very exciting as well.  It’s been a while since I’ve brushed off my rusty old Spanish skills so I’m diving in to some refresher material on Babbel and have lined up some language exchange Skype chats.

Even though archaeology is my profession, my typical day involves walking around cow pastures finding a whole lot of nothing.  It will be fun and refreshing to work on such an interesting site and spend a few weeks learning the history of a region I have little familiarity with.

Huge thanks go to Rivet and Sway for the inspiration money to help me cross this adventure off of my list and GoMighty for the forum to explore my life goals. Thank you!!

For more on this goal and how Rivet and Sway and GoMighty made it happen check out this post and this one.