Oh, hey- I think I’m going to Europe soon!

There’s something about putting your goals and dreams out there- speaking them out, writing them down, visualizing the details… that adds a little magic to them. You begin to see ways that you can actually make them happen, and the cool thing is; when you tell others about your goals and dreams then they start seeing how they can happen too. Whoa.

So, one of my dreams is to participate in archaeological research in every continent (yes, including Antarctica- no, I haven’t worked that part out yet).  I wrote about this on GoMighty, an awesome space on the internet to track your life goals, big and small, be inspired by others, and give and receive encouragement.   Then, Rivet and Sway chose this goal for their Find Your Joy challenge this month and gave me actual money to inspire me to work on accomplishing this goal- can you believe it???Cubbie_Roo_1_1024x1024_limit

So, suddenly, instead of just a string of words on a piece of paper, this is a thing, that could happen.  I’ve spent all weekend looking at digs I could potentially volunteer on this fall (much more on that in following posts) and realized- this was always something I could make happen- I just hadn’t been putting any action behind it.  I’m already seeing that it’s way cheaper and easier than I imagined it would be to do this. I’m very thankful to Rivet and Sway for the money (that always helps!) but I’m most thankful for the kick-in-the-butt!

I already work in archaeology in North America and I volunteered on a project in Mongolia in 2008 (plenty of posts on my blog about that awesome experience) so, two down, five to go!

Of course, I’m not about to embark on a  round-the-world trip right now but I’ve got a week of vacation I can take and some sites in Europe beckoning to me.  I’ll post more blogs about the selection and planning as it comes.  Anyone can volunteer on an archaeological dig when traveling so I look forward to sharing tips with you on how to make that happen yourself.

By the way- Rivet and Sway is a company that makes ultra-cool eyeglasses for ladies-only.  They’re affordable, have lots of cool styles to choose from, and you can have three pairs sent to you try on at once.  I just started wearing glasses this past March, and bought whatever they had at the doctors, so you can bet I’ll be checking out their wares sometime soon!

OK, back to trip-planning!