A Beer to Call My Own…

It seems more and more people these days are making their own home brews and we were toying with the idea of trying it ourselves. But, where do you even get the ingredients? And the tools? What if we put in a whole a bunch of money, and then mess it up and everything just sits under the kitchen sink, unused, forever?

Enter GoMighty and RedEnvelope to the rescue!

They were kind enough to give me my choice of lovely gifts- and I honed straight in to the make-your-own-craft beer kit. Woohoo!

Husband and I (he stayed behind the camera) got started on our very first home brew last weekend. Photo-documentation below. Fingers crossed that it turns out ok! We’re using all the goodies and tools that came with the Craftabrew American Pale Ale brew kit, which you can order on RedEnvelope.com. We are naming ours Anxiety Ale– it is a very fitting name for our year so far.

IMG_3803Carefully reading directions.

IMG_3805Ingredients. Check.

IMG_3823So far, so good.

IMG_3832Clean tools. Very Important.

IMG_3844Did you know baby beer takes an ice bath?

IMG_3845It’s all coming together!

Now it sits in a cupboard for two weeks before bottling. Updates soon!