How a Blog Helped Me Learn to Cook- and Lose Weight!

I’ve never been much of a cook- I had a few dishes up my sleeve, but most recipes made me cringe and I’ve produced enough duds to lose most of my enthusiasm for it.  Luckily, my Kiwi man is a great cook and merrily comes along without argument when I want to go out for a meal. (Oh, I heard a wonderful quote recently, “I don’t make dinner, I make reservations.”)

Anyway, a few years ago I added the blog Stonesoup– 5 Ingredient Recipes to my Google Reader. I came across it during a moment of optimism living in Thailand, when I thought maybe I’d take an online cooking course and do better with all the great produce we had available there. The moment passed but the blog kept me interested. The author, an Aussie woman named Jules, takes beautiful photographs, and manages to turn out simple, well described, recipes week after week.  I’m always adding and then unsubscribing blogs from my reader, which I peruse daily- but this one has stuck.

Gradually, I realized I was actually taking on some of her advice- about basil and oyster sauce, lentils and white beans- things that weren’t in my mind before. Greens I never knew much about, kale and chard, became a part of my vocabulary.

A few months ago I started working at home again (after more than a year of commuting to Alabama for work and only being home one week a month).  It’s like the years of subliminal messaging from her regular posts have collectively chosen to surface into my conscious mind.  I’m cooking Thai food, roasting vegetables, making homemade granola bars and kale- I eat kale almost every day.  Kiwi man is amazed. I have lost 10 pounds. Things are pretty good.