Baby Steps

Well, the summer language challenge continues. Are you doing one too?

I’ve finished the “Beginner 1” course on Babbel and am now on Lesson 3 of “Beginner 2” which it says will bring me into an A2 level in the language.

My stats are 209 phrases learned. I don’t know how many words that breaks down to.  But, Kanon! (I think that means “cool”). My new favorite word is snart which means “soon”.

I definitely slowed down big time this past week and next week won’t be much better since I’ll be in Houston for work and will have my evenings booked while I’m there. The plan is to cram in a few lessons this weekend, and then just review vocab when I can during the week.


I posted my first writing sample on Lang-8. It’s a site focused on writing in different languages and having native speakers check and comment on your writing.  I submitted mine and immediately checked three papers in English for some internet-karma.  Within a few hours I had a response! It was mostly positive but the reviewer said my title made no sense.  That’s funny because it’s the only part where I looked up the translation direct from English.  I just wanted to title it “Introduction” (lame, I know). So I looked up the word and got “införandet” -apparently that wasn’t appropriate.  It’s really easy to make mistakes with direct translation like that, so -oh well!


If I’m really good, I’ll write another entry this weekend. And, if I’m extra good, I’ll finally actually talk to someone online (so scary)! I still have a hard time striking up conversations in any of my languages, the fear of sounding stupid is always there!

Well, that sums up my progress so far.     hej då!