Review: Tarim Mummies Webinar

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Overall, I really enjoyed attending the webinar.  I think it’s great that the Houston Museum of Natural Science put in the effort to make this exhibit accessible and free to anyone who could join them on the web.

The pros:

Dr. Dirk van Tuerenhout gave an informative overview of the exhibition, from discovery of the artifacts to their arrival in the U.S.  He answered viewer questions thoughtfully and, I think, really illuminated the importance of the finds.


The technology.  I’m sure there’s a reason why they chose webex to host the webinar, I just can’t figure out what it is.  As an English teacher, I have experimented with several online learning platforms and can assure you that there are lots of great sites out there that make it easy to host an online class or seminar.   For this webinar I had to check, update, and download three different programs to get the site running.  Also, there was no live video, which was disappointing; just a slideshow and audio.

Despite my qualms with the choice in broadcasting tools, I enjoyed the hour and look forward to any future seminars the Museum hosts!