Just a quiet weekend at home…

…well that was the plan. As we were sipping coffee this Sunday morning we heard the sound of firecrackers. That’s not at all unusual around here but then we thought, hey, it’s the morning. We assumed there was something going on at the temple and went to check it out. Sure enough there was a massive parade of sorts marching through our neighborhood stopping at each little temple.

When each group of costumed dancers stopped they would rush into the temple entrance as if they were attacking it. They would feign being repelled, dance, try again and then rush back out, followed by a long string of firecrackers. The drumming and strange bugle-like instruments really created an otherworldly atmosphere.

It’s late now and I have tons of work to do as I shirked my duties in favor of following the parade around town. I’ll have to put up videos and more commentary later. Until then, I leave you with these…

Our house is in this pic.