Danzan Ravjaa find…

I wish I could have watched it live. An Austrian team of archaeologists led by Michael Eisenreigler uncovered a cache of Buddhist relics that had been hidden since Mongolia’s turn to communism in the 1930’s. Their location was revealed to them by Altangerel, the only living person entrusted with their location by his grandfather who had buried them so many years before. They were several containers of relics relating to Danzan Ravjaa, a Buddhist master in Mongolia in the 1800’s. On August 1, some of these containers were opened live on the web. Archaeology fun!

Danzan Ravjaa Statue, outside Danzan Ravjaa Mu...Image by mikeemesser via Flickr

Definitely go to their main website, Gobi Treasure Hunt, to see videos and read more about it.

To learn more about Danzan Ravjaa check out these sites:

Dreaming of Danzan Ravjaa, a lovely and entertaining blog written by an American Buddhist monk who spent some time in Mongolia. It will no longer be updated but still worth a read.

Danzan Ravjaa.org, part of Mongolia Web.

This article on the Tibetan Mongolian Museum Society website.

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