Taiwan, Week 1

Phew! Actually, we’ve only been here 5 days so far, but those days have been packed.

We’re staying at a hostel in Taipei while searching for jobs and more permanent accommodation. At the moment it seems that we’ll get a little studio for a few months until we know the city better and have jobs, then we’ll get a nicer place.

The subway system here is really easy to use (it’s a lot like the Korean system) so we’ve had no problem exploring.

It’s been fun using my Chinese again. It’s super rusty but good enough to so far get us food, appliances, and directions. Yay! (Jiayou!)

So far our favorite spot is an area called Ximen. It’s a mega shopping/eating area with streets and streets of neon lights and people. Some of the highlights our first night there included petting someones pet squirrels, trying street food (various meats and unidentifiables on a stick), checking out the Toilet Restaurant, where everyone sits on toilets, and exploring some neat art galleries.

We spend a few hours each day doing “job stuff” and then try to check out a different part of town.

Fun, fun!