Mongols and Iranian Art

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If you’re in New York, there will be a talk at Columbia University on Mongol influence in 14th century Iranian Art. This is another Silk Road Foundation lecture.

“Silk Road Lecture Series

“Mongols and Iranian Art”
by Ladan Akbarnia, Curator of Islamic Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art

Tuesday February 17 9 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
Kent Hall 413, Columbia University

presented by
Columbia University
Silkroad Foundation

An illustrated lecture on the role of the Mongols
in transmitting motifs and techniques into thirteenth
and fourteenth-century Iranian art.”

Here’s the Brooklyn Museum link. They also run an interesting blog showing what goes on behind the scenes with the curators.

  • If you have access to JSTOR, then check out their newest features, “Images in JSTOR” and “ArtSTOR” for thumbnail views of all images that come up in your search– great for art history topics like this.

On my JSTOR search I noticed that the most relevant articles came from one of two sources. One was The Burlington Magazine, formerly The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs. Their “calendar” section of the website provides extensive listings of art exhibitions.

The other was The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin which you can get for free if you become a member.

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