Village Homestay Weekend

A few weeks ago, Al and I participated in a village homestay weekend tour. We got to go for free on a trial run for the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Our boss hooked us up. It was in our province, near the Sirikit Dam, only just over an hour away.

I don’t have time for many details right now, so I’ll put up a few pictures and captions.

The tour was broken into two parts; first exploring Lamnam Nan National Park and Sirikit Dam, then staying overnight at a village nearby and enjoying activities with the locals. The highlight was definitely hanging out with our host family, especially their two young children who enthusiastically took us on a tour of their village.

Sunrise over the Nan River, Uttaradit

Bringing in the catch, Sirikit Dam

Fish farm, Sirikit Dam

Dinner with the hosts at the local wat/hangout

Our buddies, Kip and Gan

Heading home (note, the hut is a bus stop, not a dwelling)

I’d like to say I’ll have time to write more about it later but between final exams, mom visiting, five weeks in Australia and New Zealand and then a move to Taiwan… I’m not going to make any promises.

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