Dukes up 2009, I can take you!

The holidays went by in kind of a blur as we were working for the most part— but we still managed to squeeze in some fun!

We got more presents and cards in the mail this year than ever before so thanks a ton because it really made it feel like Christmas to have things under the tree! We didn’t buy each other presents, mainly because there wasn’t anything local we wanted.

We had a few decorations and some Christmas stockings saved from last year. The tree was a fake 3 footer that we picked up at the supermarket. Of course, this being a predominantly Buddhist country, Christmas is not a national holiday— so no vacation, but a lot of businesses still decorate and some kids were giving each other presents. It was exam time and our bosses were kind enough to arrange our schedules so we could have Christmas day off.

For new years we had an extended weekend, so we shot up to Chiang Mai for some R and R. We stayed at our favorite place, 3 Sis, again and basically spent the days wandering around town, reading at cafes, and eating as much good food as we could! Good times.

On New Year’s Eve we found a snug spot at a bar we liked and just chilled out, listening to live music. Chiang Mai is an old city and the moat and city gates are still present. Near the main gate people were letting loose lanterns, like the ones from Loi Krathong, so we made a wish and set one off ourselves. A laid back, pleasant New Year’s.

Here are some pics; as usual, you can see more on my Flickr stream:

Al, getting a shot of a wat entrance at night.


The wat by our hotel.

Lanterns at the city gate.

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