Carnage and random thoughts from the day.

I killed a lot of ants today. I normally try to just scare them away but it takes a long time and usually there aren’t so many.

Our house is very open so we have to be obsessive when it comes to keeping tidy. Even in the time it takes to eat dinner ants will flood into our kitchen so I’m constantly wiping and rinsing as I cook. Today, the trash had the wrapper from cheese in it (we normally put all food trash in a bag in the fridge until it is taken out). When I got home from work the kitchen had a serious wall of ants coming down from the ceiling, gathering on the floor, and then forming another thick line up to the trash. Gross. Small trails of ants are easily scared away in seconds. These guys weren’t worried about me, so I had to resort to the spray. It was ugly. We’re pretty lenient with the spiders and the geckos, but ants can’t stay.

Poor Al (this story makes me laugh out loud as I type) accidentally ate an ant covered cookie this weekend when he absentmindedly reached into a bag of cookies he had left out earlier. Ah well, this is just how it is when you live in a tropical country.

On another note, our miserable neighbors are having another party– the fourth this month. Speeches and karaoke blasted out of huge speakers, right outside our windows (less than 3 meters away). I’d like to call them some names but apparently, according to random people on the net, if I call a group of people in another country a name I’m insulting their entire culture. (roll of eyes) I’ll just say they’re challenged when it comes to respect for the other people living around them. Our other neighbors are lovely. The little girl in the house behind us is in love with us, I think.

Next week is midterm week so we’re both very busy (hence the late blog post and the crabbiness) but then after that a much needed break. We’ll shoot up to Chiang Mai for a couple days. No plan for what we’ll do there– just relax!

I was afraid that Al and I working at the same place would cause tension but it’s actually really nice to have someone at work who gets you and is totally on your side. 🙂 Now, we’re worried about how it will be in the next location when we’re not working in the same place and won’t see each other as much.

Once it hits 2009 we’ll only have 4 more months here, it’ll fly by for sure!

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