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Satellites Draw Up Maps Of Ancient City In Xinjiang

Milan is located in the southern part of Lop Nur in Xinjiang, more than 900 kilometres away from the region’s capital, Urumqi. The city was an important transportation hub during the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-24 AD), according to Yang Yiyong, a researcher at the Xinjiang Archaeology Research Institute.

The satellite maps of Milan represent just part of the central government’s efforts to protect local cultural relics and ruins.

The central government last year drew up a plan entitled “Rescue and Protection Programme of the Key Relics in Xinjiang Along the Silk Road.” Under the plan, the government will invest 420 million yuan (52.5 million U.S. dollars) in preservation projects in the next five to eight years, Sheng said.

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I hadn’t heard of this before. If it’s new to you can check out this link, basically the same article but with better pictures, including an image of the angel murals that Milan, Xinjiang is famous for.

Ma Dazheng of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences gives us a background of archaeological investigatons in Xinjiang in the past.

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