Turburam, modern papercutter, in CA

I found out via the Silk Road House‘s mailing list that Turburam will be showing his work from December 6-22 in Berkely, CA. The exhibition is by appointment only, call 510-285-7938 or 510-981-0700.

Turburam uses the traditional art of papercutting with non-traditional motifs. Definitely check out his website, although be warned that some of his works go under the erotic art category.

Turburam is also interesting in that he is one of the few openly gay Mongolians that I heard about in my reading and websurfing (sorry, I’m too tired to go and find all the old links but this article will give you a rundown). Like in a lot of other countries, most people in Mongolia play down or are not knowledgeable about G and L identities in their country, although some accounts on the web imply that conditions are improving.

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