My sweet new ride…

I bought a scooter a few weeks ago.

Up to now I’ve been stuck at home while Al was at work and had to depend on him if I had errands to run. I definitely miss the convenience of Seoul’s public transportation system. There isn’t really a taxi service here, although, someone at work gave us a friend’s phone number and said they would give me rides on their motorbike if I really needed it. When you get out at the train or bus stations there are “taxis” (people who will you give you rides for money) and samlors (see photo of the week above), but that’s about it in this town as far as I can tell. In the bigger cities there are far more options.

It’s an electric scooter, new, that I bought for 20,000 baht. I only have to charge it once a week and I don’t have to have a license to drive it. Works out great!