New Chinggis Khaan Statue

Monument of Genghis Khaan, the biggest in the ...Image via WikipediaMongolia Web News just posted a short article on a new statue of Chinggis Khaan that has been unveiled in Tsonjin Boldog, Tuv Province earlier this month. View their article here and Montsame‘s similar article here.

The site, as mentioned in both articles, is where Chinggis Khaan is believed to have found a whip, symbolizing what he had to do in the future (build one of the world’s biggest empires).

One neat feature of this particular statue is that you get to climb it! Visitors can walk up through the horse’s tail onto the saddle. More info on the Official Tourism Website of Mongolia blurb.

It was designed by architect D. Erdenebileg. I tried to find more information about him on the web, but couldn’t find much in English. He is mentioned briefly in this interesting blog entry overviewing Mongolian Art. There is mention of an artshow that included his work here, but although there are pictures, they are not labeled so we can’t tell which is his work. This page came up when I googled his name but then I couldn’t find him on the page… still worth a look if you’re interested in modern Mongolian art– it’s in French but with lots of photos.

I then realized that his name is also spelled Erdembileg (not the spelling used in the original two articles) and found that he and a number of other Mongolian artists have their work on display right now in New York. You only have until October 18th to see them at the E&J Frankel, Ltd. Gallery on Madison Ave. View images of select works from the exhibition here.


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