Magazines for Foreigners

Whether you are a tourist or resident in Korea there are a few monthly publications that you might enjoy. All of these are available free at various expat-friendly locations in Seoul– I can’t speak for other cities. Contact them for details. I’ll indicate specific locations I know of below. All of them you can arrange to have sent to you on their sites.

Rokon Magazine is a good source for music reviews and event info, it started out as a source for indie music and the art scene but sadly, has been leaning more to the mainstream lately– still worth a look though. I pick mine up at Club Ta and Cafe Yri in Hongdae.

Groove Magazine is also entertainment-centered but packed with other articles of local interest. I’ve seen this magazine most recently at Dos Tacos in Hongdae.

Eloquence (website?) reviews high-end restaurants, wine bars, etc. but I think it’s accessible to any reader. It has a good list of monthly events including theater, museum, and gallery events. It also has a facebook group. I usually pick it up at Shim’s Tapas in Hongdae.

Seoul is the magazine produced by the Korean government. Hit the link for subscription info and locations. I love this particular magazine as it has great articles on Korean culture and an extensive monthly even calendar. In the first few days of every month I would go to the tourist information booth in Insadong and ask for a copy. Occasionally you will get someone at the information office who acts like they have no idea what you are talking about. Just say Seoul Magazine repeatedly– eventually it clicks and they say “Oh, yeah” and hand it to you, sometimes you can see it siting there so you can point to it.

alright– those are my favs, enjoy.