it’s all cool…

Thing’s aren’t bad. It was a busy weekend. I had to move into the apartment across the hall and I finished that all up yesterday. Now I’m finally able to unpack and settle down. Since I haven’t had internet I’ve been forced to roam the streets of Daehangno looking for free wi-fi. It has been frustrating but has also led me to some pretty cool spots. The place I’m in now is a Spain inspired bar with bizarre beer and wine cocktails and lovely Spanish music– with red walls and a lot of candles and lanterns to round it out. Life could be worse. The part that made it frustrating is the operating hours of businesses here. Things open later in the day than we’re used to in the States and many businesses do not stick to posted hours. Many cafes don’t open until 11 or noon but it’s not unusual for the proprietor to open late or open “on time” yet have no food and the espresso machine hasn’t been assembled. I’m getting used to it. But seriously, no coffee before 11? It’s pretty much just the chains that have the early opening hours– except they charge for the internet connection! I would pay if I could figure out the Korean registration. ah well.

I’m settling into school as well although although I feel as if I’m just keeping up with the workload. Teaching 6 credit courses is a lot.

I bought a new camera that I’m nuts about. A Cannon Powershot S3 that I got for half priced from a guy advertising on the net. Sweet! Pics above. I’ve mostly tested it out on my favorite bands as of course, I still spend my weekends going to shows.

My family is in Peru right now seeing Andrew. I talked to them and they’re having a blast!

Al’s doing great it Thailand. I’ll visit him for a long weekend in two weeks! woohoo! I’ll get to practice everything I’ve been learning with my Thai tutor.

Lot’s going on but it’s all good. Hope it’s the same for you!