don’t stand so close to me…

There is very little sense of personal space here and sometimes it drives me CRAZY! Ahhh…. I have come close to freak out mode a few times here. Just now, I was in line at the mini-mart when the girl behind me stood close enough for me to hear her breathing. She just had one item and grew impatient while my six items were being rung up so managed to eventually wedge herself between me and the counter waving her dollar bill at the clerk. She was inches from my face this whole time. There was no one else waiting, plenty of room to stand behind us and it wasn’t taking that long. Ahhh.. I wanted to scream, get off of me!

I’m also tired of being pushed ALL THE TIME. If it’s crowded, I can tolerate it but a lot of people seem to push all the time regardless. Last week when I put my foot up to board the bus a man pushed on ahead of me. My foot was already on the first step. There was no one else at the bus stop. I was there first. The bus was not crowded so we certainly didn’t have to compete for a seat. WTF?????