We got a cold blast from Siberia this week and a tiny snowfall as well! It seems like winter came overnight!

I only have four weeks left of classes, three of those will be watching final presentations. Phew! My first semester was a little harder than I thought. Writing my own lessons and finding my own material was tough. It should be a little easier next time around.

I’ve made a few more Chinese friends and have a private tutor now so that is improving. I really ought to take Korean lessons as well since I’m not really improving much on my own. I know you probably think, well can’t you speak Korean all the time? But nope, not necessarily. I’m not allowed to speak Korean to my students. My coworkers are other foreigners who don’t speak Korean and Koreans are not entirely open to a foreigner saying “hey, wanna chat?” On top of that when you do speak to Korean friends they either A: want to speak English to improve their skills or B: get frustrated with your low Korean and switch to English because it’s easier. But where will Korean lessons fit into my schedule? No clue.

I can, however, read and write in Korean which is the best thing I could have done before I came here. Being able to read menus and bus schedules is great!

Okay, that’s all with random ramblings for now.