I’m tired. Very, very tired. But I won’t always be this busy. I took on extra work for my school which I regretted immediately but will carry out until the end. I shouldn’t have put on extra hours now when I have to look for an apartment, learn about my new job, prepare materials for whoever’s going to replace me and work intensive summer classes as well! Oh well, the new job starts in September and everything will be different!

Allister helped me look for apartments last weekend since I had no idea what to do. My current apartment is provided by the school but now I have to find my own. It was fun. We took a cab to the university entrance and asked the first Korean we saw where the nearest realtor was. This guy left his food stand to walk us a couple of blocks to his friends realty place (which technically wasn’t in existence as it was being remodelled). He spoke English pretty well and translated for us oer the phone while the realtor took us to a few apartments in the area, he also gave us free drinks from his food stand which was really nice. Later we were joined by their Turkish friend who speaks English and is in the neighborhood building a kebab stand. He accompanied us to a few more apartments and provided further translation. Everyone was so nice!!! Unfortunately the apartments are really expensive for their size. In Korea, you can put down really large deposits, called key money, which will greatly reduce the monthly rent. Apparently my school will put up money for these deposits so hopefully I’ll be able to arrange something affordable. We’ll see, more searching this weekend!

Yesterday an older woman in my neighborhood gave me homemade yogurt and kimchee. It was nice, although a little strange as we had never spoken before and she kept questioning whether or not I was really American as she had apparently thought I was Russian (is it the tattoos?) Anyway, as most of my neighbors don’t talk to me it was surprising.

Okay, I have to run. Bye.