Spring :-)

The first day I have been able to open all of my windows, the perfect breeze is blowing in. Yay!

We even had a picnic in the park last weekend.

It’s funny, I live in one of the biggest cities in the world yet I have more of a small town feel here than I have ever experienced. I have a baker I go to who throws extras in my bag on my way out. Neighbors and shopowners wave to me. It’s just weird. Of course, being the conspicuous foreigner is certainly a factor in my treatment. hmmm.

I’m getting over the one-billionth cold I’ve had since I came here. I guess I’m running through all of the local strains I’ve never been exposed to before and hope that means that next year I’ll be much healthier.

I accidentally took nighttime cold medicine while heading out to meet friends last Friday night. Big Mistake!!! Don’t fight it, just go home and go to sleep. I was loopy as hell and don’t remember actual conversations. I just have images in my mind of my friends with their mouths moving. Dear god, it was horrible. never again.

My school has four month sessions. The next one starts May 1 which means I will have a completely new shcedule. Right now I only have three classes on Thursdays, I stroll in at 2:15 and leave by 5. What are the chances I’ll land that again? I’m not getting my hopes up. We will also get a new teacher on Monday as Michael is returning to the States. Apparently new guy is my age, and from the UK. That’s all I know, I’ll keep you updated.

I don’t have a lot of exciting news as I have devoted this month to catching up on rest and spending more time at home to save money. I didn’t do Chinese lessons this month although I found a Chinese woman at my school to talk to. I’ve been reading a lot and sleeping in. I’ve also been cooking more and teaching myself about vegetables. For instance, I love spinach. But I have only had canned spinach before. I had no clue what to do with fresh whole leaf spinach. I bought a ton of it at the vegetable market and spent the whole day steaming and freezing batches of spinach for future recipes. Now I have regular food expirament days. I don’t have an oven so I have to learn how to make versions of my favorite foods in a skillet. Ovens are not standard here as Korean food does not require one. Anyway, it’s been interesting. Especially since I didn’t really cook much back home.

I hope I feel better this weekend since there’s an all day rock festival on Saturday. We’ll see.

That’s all for now.