Happy New Year!

I had a fantastic New Year’s Eve, in fact, the whole weekend was great. I got a chance to hang out with most of my friends in town and just have a good time. I’m glad I rang in 2007 here and I’m really looking forward to the year ahead. Hope you guys feel the same way!

The month of January we teach “winter intensive” courses. Since all of the kids have off of school their parents send them for extra lessons, poor guys! So instead of teaching 2-9, now I teach 10-7:30. I get overtime, which is cool; and we’ll have a five day weekend when it’s over. My new classes are fun. I have a few one-on-ones with some really advanced children (from 8-11 years old) who are great to work with. I also have an adorable phonics class (super beginners) who clap whenever I draw pictures on the board. They crack me up.

I start my day having to draw pictures and act out words with the little guys and end the day editing college level essays and explaining how to use the word “conducive” in a sentence. I’m glad for the big range in levels I get to teach.

Some friends of mine here got married recently and are having a big party soon so I’m looking forward to that. Everything’s going great!

Miss you guys!

Love, MacKensie