Is it winter yet?

It got really cold and now it’s warm again. I even wore my fall jacket yesterday. Probably won’t last long though.

So, Heidi is really gone now and I’m sad because she was definitely a good friend. Johnny will still be here for a week so we might go out Saturday. It must be weird to leave after spending six years here.

The new teacher, Meghan, is really cool and we’re getting along great. We went out to a show last weekend (when I say show I’m refering to live local bands) and had a blast. It’s nice actually having places to go and knowing people. We met an interesting man (actually a few) but this guy was named Vlad. He’s ethnically Korean, so looks Korean, but was born and raised in Uzbekistan. He’s a third generation Russian and Russian is his native language. It was quite odd talking to someone who looked Korean and sounded Russian all night. Anyway he and his fiance, Katie, from New Zealand were cool. The local bands here are great. I love going to see shows because then it’s not just about sitting at a bar and drinking, it’s about watching the music, dancing, and talking about the music. Much more social and fun. And if you don’t know anyone or don’t want to talk, then just relax and listen! Perfection. There’s lots of Western bands, most of the members being fellow English teachers, but there’s a smattering of Korean rock bands as well and they’re all really fun.

I’m still having food adventures and still haven’t gotten sick from anything (I’m never this lucky). The funniest is when you think you’re ordering something Western and then it has something unexpected added to it. Like; ham and cheese sandwiches with strawberry jam, ice cream with candy, fruit, and tomatoes on top, a hot dog with mayonaisse and sugar… stuff like that. It doesn’t bother me too much though.

My students are still cracking me up all the time. They’re always saying funny things. The oldest kids are the best because they totally get my sense of humor now and they have enough English skills to joke around. How scary is it that I’m the one teaching them about Western humor and culture. They’re going to be such nerds! Haha.

The younger kids were harder at first but I think I have the hang of it now. I have to act like a total fool sometimes to keep their attention, but it works. Their thing right now is to say the opposite of what I say- “Wow, it’s pretty cold today, isn’t it?”–“No, teacher. it’s hot. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” yeah, hysterical. At least they’ve caught on to opposities. I also have this one-on-one, Tim who is pretty much only involved in class if I make everything about monkeys and robots. In a big class I wouldn’t indulge this but my life has been easier since I started letting him write “The monkey has a cold. We should call Dr. robot!” whatever.

Nothing much is going on, same old, same old. There are a bunch of parties during the holidays which will be cool. The three of us Americans at school are going to spend Christmas day together, basically eating and watching movies all day. I have a party to go to for New Years Eve and…. this is exciting…. I’m entered in an ice fishing competition in January. More updates later.

Anyway, hope everyone is well. Love you guys! –MacKensie