OK, I’ve been crazy busy so here’s the highlights:

– I did a little bit of volunteer work with the National Museum of Seoul It was just checking the English translations on their exhibits. Not too bad, I met some cool people and I have officially read every information panel in the museum.

-Heidi (my coworker and best friend here) is leaving this week. The new girl, Meghan, just got here from America and seems really cool.

-One of Heidi’s going away parties was a last dinner at the Peruvian restaurant. Some of the guys at our table were musicians so we got to hear some really cool live Peruvian music. They love hearing about what Andrew’s up to over there and are always asking for updates.

-I found the music scene in Seoul and have been to a bunch of cool shows. I felt like I’ve met a million people in the past few weeks and they’ve all been great. Lot’s of Canadians, Australians, and New Zealanders but other nationalities too. Everyone’s been really friendly.

-I started Korean lessons on Sundays. My classmates are a couple of Med Students from Mongolia. They’re awesome!

– Heidi and I went to a sauna yesterday and tried “cupping.” It’s meant to draw toxins out of your body. These weird suction cups are applied all over your back, they sit for 15-20 minutes and they suck god-knows-what liquids out of your body. Then you’re given a back massage. It leaves big round bruises on your back for a week or two. We just thought it would be interesting and it was. Only slightly painful at first and then it felt good. I’d probably do it again sometime. They recommend following it with this “sand bath” where you’re buried to your neck in hot sand for half an hour. Maybe next time. The massage ladies were Chinese so it was cool talking to them as well.

– alright, that’s all the cool stuff lately. Classes are fine, I still love my students. I have a new one-on-one class with the most adorable 7 year old ever. She’s missing half her front teeth and although her English is pretty elementary she loves to talk anyway so we have lots of fun.

OK, I miss everyone! Love you!